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Buying or selling your home is an involved process. It is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, personally and financially. In any Real Estate venture, you need someone you can trust and rely on to meet your needs.

As your personal Real Estate Agent, I will help guide you through the process successfully. My promise is to offer quality service, integrity and professionalism in every step of the transaction. We have ‘One Stop Shopping’, Mortgage, Insurance, and Marketing. If you or someone you know are in need of Real Estate services of any kind, please feel free to contact me.

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You were both great! I appreciate everything you've done for me and my family! Because of you we have a home to call our own😋. Thank you so much! Anna Lisa Jimenez
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Great and excellant experience! They had been very helpful and responed very fast! Jo jo c.
La experiencia fue espectacular Trabajar contigo Monica Gomez Siempre dando un servio de primera y sobre todo la comunicacion que se tubo Durante el proceso ademas encuanto se pusieron de venta entraron ofertas y el Trabajo que hisistes con el Otro agent exelente mi Esposo y yo sin duda tecomendamos a Monica Gomez como la mejor real state del Valle Central . Edgar y Benny Albarran
Thank you so much for working with me,It was a joy to work with you.
Any other real estate help You will be the First I call. Ashley Coleman
Monica Gomez was my realtor who helped me not only sell my rental house on Palo Alto Avenue in Clovis, Ca., but who also gave me great ideas and suggestions during the remodeling phase of the work in order to get the best sales price I could get.

From the very start, Monica worked with me on deciding what the best choices were regarding color, styles, and cost effectiveness of all the work to be done. With her knowledge on what was currently selling in the housing market, she was able to steer me toward good decisions that added value and appeal to my house. Additionally, Monica's assertive manner with the contractors hired to do the work helped make sure that they got the jobs done on time and correct as much as possible.

When it finally came time to put the house on the Market, she worked very hard and put in many hours making sure the house would show good and was ready for any possible buyers. She was always prompt any time we had meetings regarding the property and took care of the big and little items that needed to be done. Paperwork seemed to be handled smoothly with no problems which to me was a big part of the sale since nothing gets done without the correct paperwork.

Monica was not just concerned about making a sale but also about bringing a new family into the neighborhood. She went as far as to have a open house just for the neighbors so they can see what was done to the house and keep them informed on what was going on

Overall, Monica was a Great Realtor and I would gladly have her handle any of my other properties that I may have to sell in the future. I can highly recommend Monica to anyone who may be interested in a realtor. Rick Giubbini 425 Appaloosa Drive.

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